The calendar found in the caves at Qumran in at least 14 copies or fragments is still in use today by certain very carefully quiet fundamentalist Baptists groups in the United States, as well as being familiar to the rabbinical community that is most closely associated with the temple in Jerusalem, where it was the default calendar for setting the temple services, though Solomon changed to the moon-based calendar from Babylon when he partnered with the Sea-People’s King Hiram for ocean-going trade, and use among the common people who interfaced with the merchants.

The active suppression of the sun-based calendar began in the period of the first temple when Solomon married King Hiram’s daughter and brought her to Jerusalem with a retenue of her priests of the moon-based calendar. It was deepened in stages as Solomon partnered with Hiram in sea trade, then built his own fleet of ships, which was lost to the last sailor by one of the sudden and heavy storms as they were on their way to the Indian Ocean. Solomon supplied sailors to Hiram’s ships in return for a portion of their revenue after that. It is to be noted that the sun and moon calendars were synchronized until many hundreds of years later, when the Feasts required that the sun calendar be maintained separately to provide the correct dates for the temple feasts and festivals.

The result is that, today, the people who know the calendar, even when setting the dates for such festivals as the Feast of Tabernacles for the various groups calling themselves “Church of God” will not allow their identity to be openly acknowledged.  The Rabbinical community is especially careful to keep a shadowy profile, being doubly discriminated against.

There is a change coming in that the remnant of the “lost 10 tribes” of Israel are scheduled to return to the Middle East, re-establishing the full nation according to the promises, and rebuilt the seaport city of Tyre with its ship and rail hubs.  This logistics-centric super-computer will be capable of supporting every trade transaction, from the sale of a pound of butter to the collection of millions of dollars in every nation’s taxing system, through a system of hub-and-spoke centers around the world. The necessary simplification includes a gold and silver-based currency based on a Troy ounce of each precious metal, platinum, gold, silver, nickel, and copper, as defined and controlled in both purity and value by the government of the king of Israel.

According to the calculations based upon the time of Israel’s exile, this re-establishment of the united nation of Israel will occur in this current century, which is the series of years called the 21st century by the Gregorian calendar, but the years in the 6,000 series in the Qumran calendar, with the years 2000 and 6000 being the joining point, with the exception of 2000 starting on January 1st according to the meeting time of the ancient Roman Senate, while the Jubilee year 6000 starts on the Spring equinox of that year, three months later.

The most important difference between the two calendars is that the Qumran calendar tracks the seasons for sailing (no sailing during the Winter storm period), planting, harvest (which is destroyed by Winter rains, which can vary in their arrival by as much as 30 days’ difference between the two calendars), lambing (sheep require a midwife to bear their young, hence no sheep in the wild), and other pursuits that support human life, health and wealth, while the Gregorian calendar uses a mathematical smoothing to average out the difference in the number of days in the year, which can vary by as much as three weeks between earth’s long and short orbits, depending on the location of Jupiter and Saturn in relation to the sun in their positions in space.

There will be much information on the history, present, and future of Northern Israel on this site due to the emphasis of world trade in relation to Tyre, a subject much neglected in modern times for political reasons.

These factors may be irrelevant to most persons, to which I bid farewell and wish you a peaceful journey through life. To the persons with an interest in these factors, I bid you welcome, and will serve tidbits of folk-lore, facts, and even an occasional serving of heavy mathematics (which you are free to gloss over if you like) as we continue our journey into the future together.