As in the Days of Noah – The Movie

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This novel, written in a quasi-movie script style in order to move the action along a bit faster, is set in the days shortly after the flood, and covers the lives of Abraham and his family.

The connection between Abraham and Noah is not clearly understood today. Noah was the carrier of the title “King of the World and Friend of God” through the flood. He “named” Shem (“The Named One”) to succeed him in that title, and Abraham to succeed Shem. Noah had not known that the life spans after the flood would shorten to 120 years, then eventually down to 70 years, so that Abraham died 35 years before Shem, who was murdered by Isis for passing the death penalty on Osiris for teaching a religion forbidden by both Noah and the existing laws.

The title carries a lot of weight, as Noah had 32 other sons and daughters after the flood, so that, at Abraham’s death, there was a population of approximately 2.5 million people spread from present-day Turkey to beyond India to the south and into Mongolia to the east.

Download a copy of the Bibliography used in writing this book.

Download a copy of the map Noah used to distribute the land to his descendants.

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