Productive Enterprises of the Unemployed – Clark Kerr’s Ph.D. Dissertation

Clark Kerr, the former head of the University of California at Berkeley, did his dissertation during the great depression of the 1930’s and published it in 1939. There have been many comments that we are in a similar situation today. Are we? Read the first three volumes (the fourth volume is all bibliography and other technical stuff of no interest to the general public), and decide for yourself.

These reproductions were typed from the sixth carbon copy of the original located in the library at the University of California in Berkeley, under considerable time pressure, so that the typographical errors were not corrected. This is the only known publicly owned complete set in existence, and this “labor of love” reproduction is for educational purposes only.

Apologies from the author, but there are no printed copies of these volumes available through due to possible copyright issues that conflict with’s policies. For scans of the originals, please contact this site through the Contact page. The files are so large that they crash Internet Explorer, so posting them is inadvisable.





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