Ferrar Fenton Bible Translation

There are different Bibles for different purposes. The Updated King James Version on this site was built to give some background information on the people, places, and history behind incidents that happened many centuries ago in a very different culture, long since lost to modern minds. It is not, however, the best Bible to study the original intent of the writings. That place belongs to the Ferrar Fenton translation, made from the original languages and translated into English as it is spoken today. This translation is heavily favored by the Fundamentalist Christians, and was aboard the Mayflower when she sailed to the New World. A search for this translation in digital format revealed only one source with the complete work in one .pdf file, and that was downloadable from


The size of this file is larger than most software can handle, and has shadows around the individual letters, many speckles in the background, and other features that make it hard to read, so, being in the public domain, I downloaded this file, ran it through Adobe Acrobat to clean it up and reduce the size with the intent of posting it on this site to make it more available to persons who may be searching for it. As it turned out, it was still too large to upload so that readers could download it, so it will be necessary to go to the original download site.