The download most representative of the subject of the Jubilee calendar found at Qumran, which is the latest version and still applicable today, is the Working Model. I have been monitoring this calendar for the last 25+ years, and it has been accurate to the actual solstices and equinoxes to within 2 days, one side or the other. The temperatures have always tracked within that range, and the trade winds have changed along with the temperatures, which is why the ancient sailors used this sun-based calendar and not the moon-based one.

Download a 50-year matrix of the Jubilee Calendar

This file is the actual calendar matrix. It is divided into two pages per line because of its width, so that it can be printed and placed into a ring binder as left and right pages so the print could be bigger and it would be easier to read.

The yellow coded days are those that were added due to the stretching of earth’s orbit, which happened on more than one occasion.  The red-coded day carried the death penalty for anyone caught not observing it properly, as it is the death date of the future king of Israel in his struggle with the Anti-Christ (adversary to the king, in plain English). The green dates were added by Nehemiah at the time the second temple was built because the people were not bringing the supplies needed for the temple to function.

Each of these color-coded days has a meaning and a history. Not all of them apply to the nations outside of Israel, but all of them apply in a more intense form inside of Israel and to the Israelites in the dispersion.



Notice that there are several things going on at one time in this, the ancient form of an Infographic. The first thing to notice is that the calendar is based on the Zodiac. Not the astrological (though the Chaldean’s used it to great advantage for that purpose) but the actual running of our sun around its twin star, Sirius. One orbit takes between 24,000 and 29,860 years, depending on the authority you believe.

The second thing to notice is that, within that parameter, everything is based on the number 7. Before the flood of Noah’s time, that number was 5, but that’s another story for another day. The next thing to notice is that this is an expanded view of a circle. Print it out, fold it around, and tape it together at the Taurus/Scorpio border and you have the “real deal.”

The lay-out of the planets is according to their electro-magnetic influence on earth through the diallel lines that connect all space bodies everywhere in the universe. How did they know about that over 4,000 years ago if we discount the lesser gods as having been present and claim we were all living in caves? The evidence doesn’t fit that model.


 Click here to download the poster-sized graphic

Noah divided the world between his sons later in his life to stop their squabbling among themselves. It was a rather complicated process. First, he sent Peleg and 200 men in ships, on horseback and camel-back to map the earth, both land and seas. That was then translated into the Zodiac, with each area represented by the types of species prevalent in those areas. Notice that South America is represented by a man. That man is Enki, one of the giants. He provided ship-loads of fish from South Africa to keep the people of the Mediterranean alive during the great famine that preceded the flood of Noah’s days.  That’s why the wreath around his head and a scepter in his hand. It’s also because there were human survivors in the chain of mountains that form the back-bone of the man, the Andes. There were also survivors in North America, in the Rocky Mountains.

Click here to download a poster size copy of the map of the Zodiac that Noah used to distribute the land to his three sons born before the great flood.  You can also download the free book, Zodiac as a world map that explains all the figures on the map.  It’s in .pdf format, so you can read it on your hand-held. Just remember that it’s full of images, so your device needs to support those. It’s free, of course, as are all downloads from this site.


Kind David’s mother was a member of the family of Levites that provided the Chief Priests, so this training as a child at this mother’s knees was that of a chief priest. Had this not been so, he, nor his sons, could ever have been permitted to build the temple. One of the many preparations he made for Solomon was the order of the priestly courses to serve in the temple. There were 24 courses that served twice each year, and then all courses served during the weeks of Passover, Pentecost (First Wheat), the Feast of Tabernacles and during the Land Sabbaths and Jubilee year intercalations.

There are persons and groups that have a special interest in these priestly courses, and they are laid out specifically in the Qumran scrolls. Just remember, the temple was only active for a short time in comparison to the length of time the calendar covers (6,000 years). Also, remember that no members of the family of the chief priests returned from the Babylonian Captivity, so the ones who served during that time seldom served out the year, but died on the day of Atonement when they entered the presence of the Ark of the Covenant. This happened so much that it became a custom to tie a rope around the ankle of the Chief Priest so the others could drag his body out when he was struck dead. The Ark of the Covenant is no light matter. Just ask the Philistines.