To download a .pdf file of all dates from 2000 to 2050 AD, click here. There are two rows for each Jubilee month. The large numbers are the Jubilee month days. Small numbers under each month are the equivalent days in the Gregorian (current) calendar. Each month crosses two pages. The file can be printed, cut into sections, and taped together to get a wall-sized print of the entire period, or placed in a binder with facing pages for easy storage.

The Qumran calendar is the most complex of all calendars on earth. The reason is quite simple. The length of the year depends a great deal on where Jupiter and Saturn are located in relation to each other. When they are on the same side of the sun and aligned with it, the earth is pulled out of its orbit to the maximum number of days. When they are located directly opposite each other aligned with the sun, the earth’s orbit is at its most round, resulting in the number of days in the year being at their minimum. The day number varies according to where these two giants are in relation to each other. In addition to that, there is the natural left-over fraction of circles in the calculations, which makes the math interesting, so let’s get the technical stuff out of the way first.

Now that the technical stuff is covered, here is the Infographics version that was in circulation during the age of Taurus, about 4,000 years ago, that has been updated to our Zodiac sign of Aquarius. Yes, we are already in the Age of Aquarius, and have been since 1900 when the first radio communication from Italy was received in New York. Remember, it is an “air” sign, and that means wireless transmissions. That squiggly graphic representing Aquarius means electricity and magnetism, not water, which was the fishes of Pisces.

Remember, Hebrew is written from right-to-left, so the days are arranged right-to-left. Flipping the image only gives a mirror image of the lettering, making it harder to read and guarantees some mistakes in transposing the information. Notice that the bottom row lists the distribution of the first fruits brought to the temple, for which Solomon provided “lean-to” rooms to the exterior of the temple for storage.


For those who are under the incorrect impression that the precession of the Zodiac signs are a new revelation, this graphic is proof that it was known at least 5,000 years ago, long before the first Babylon was built. 

Okay, now for the “bean-counters”, here is one in their language. That column immediately to the right of the purple one is the year that is named but not counted in the counting of the years, just as the four named days are not counted in the counting but named without numbers. Don’t sweat the details, it’s still the 91st day in the matrix, but the “old-timers” liked to keep things in nice little equal-sized boxes, and the named days marked the beginning of a new season, just as the named year of Jubilee marked the beginning of a new cycle of Land Sabbaths. Everything in astronomy is circular, but sometimes the circles have flattened sides.

The 50th year, the Jubilee, is named with a name rather than named with a number like the previous 49 years, following the pattern of the named days of the seasons. This system originally only contained 49 years, but had to have the 50th year inserted by Hezekiah’s priestly astronomers because of the lengthening of earth’s orbit that changed the number of days in the year.

Most people who read the Bible just gloss over the earthquake in the days of Uzza. Big mistake. That earthquake shook the whole world and added 5.2422 +/- days to the annual calendar. Every nation on earth needed to adjust their calendar after that event. The consequence to both society and religion was profound. It changed the calendar by which the temple annual holy days changed significantly. The Babylonian moon-based calendar did not change. Big problem for Israelites, but no one else on earth. The other nations simply tacked 5.2422 days on to the end of their annual calendar. The sun-based calendar that the Israelites (not the Jews, because Solomon instituted the Babylonian calendar when he married Hiram’s daughter, and they haven’t changed it to this day) use to set the holy days had to be adjusted to accommodate the new reality.

That reality is that the shift in earth’s orbit affected a specific section of that orbit, not all the sectors of the year. If you look closely at the matrix of the  JubileeCalendar (click to download a 50-year section, 2000 to 2050 A.D.) in .pdf format, the additions to earth’s orbit are marked in yellow and turquoise. Notice that the intercalary days are opposite each other in the year, early Spring and early Autumn, because those are the seasons that occur on earth during that lengthening of earth’s orbit. The same pattern holds true for earth’s orbit around its twin star, Sirius, known commonly as the precession of the equinoxes. That orbit was lengthened when the 5.2422 days came into play, but in a specific place of earth’s year, but because in was in a bigger cycle, the days had to be adjusted such that it balanced out the seasons. 

Here is the general gist of when time was added to the calendar.

The named days of the seasons were added when Noah got off the ark. There were no seasons before that. It was always spring. The year had 600 days, divided into 12 months of 50 days each, with no seventh day Sabbaths, with 5 day weeks, and every 50th day was a harvest festival as reflected in the Book of Revelation’s 12 trees along the banks of the stream coming out from under the steps of the rebuilt temple. That all went to mush during the flood of Noah (the flood of Genesis 1:1 was a complete destruction of all life on earth), and each family tried to make a calendar that worked, but none of them fit the seasons, with which they were not acquainted at that time. It got so confusing that Noah called Peleg in to make one that worked. Peleg set up the original post-flood calendar with 300 days and the Zodiac that Noah used to distribute the earth to his three sons and their male children who had reached majority age at that time.

That Zodiac had eight single signs and two double signs, because Peleg know that the earth’s orbit was not stable. The double signs were the scales and Scorpio on one side of earth’s orbit with Scorpio firmly grasping the pans of the scales in his claws, and Taurus and Aries on the other side, the two joined at their bellies. Both have since separated into two distinct signs. Just when and under what conditions is obscured by the burning of every nation’s library when they were conquered by their enemies, including the huge collection of all the world’s knowledge at Alexandria, Egypt. The Vatican has attempted to gather all the fragments of national history it can find to re-create that knowledge base, but secretly and in distributed hidden locations so as to prevent its destruction again. 

When the calendar emerged again, it is called the Enoch calendar containing “360 days exactly, and the moon trailing the sun by 11 days”. The assumption has been accepted that Enoch was the progenitor of Noah two or three generations before the flood, but the seasonal named days were activated at the time of the flood, so this is an update made some time after Noah’s flood. 

Each season in the Enoch calendar had 90 numbered and one named day. There are advocates today who firmly and truly believe that this calendar is still the “only true” calendar and should be put into common use. What they ignore is that we have very fine astronomical instruments that put the lie to the 360 and the 364 days, and have had since at least the days of Julius Caesar of Rome, when he instituted the 365.25 days, off by 0.01 days per year, which was corrected by Pope Gregory 13th in the 1500’s by dropping 11 days from the common calendar and eliminating the leap year every 400th year. 

The further complication today is that the moon-based calendar has had the holy days super-imposed on them, when there is no basis for it. The holy days are derived from the sun-based calendar used in Israel, with no correlation to any other calendar on earth, with the possible exception of the ancient Ethiopian calendar that was imported from Israel in the days of Solomon. 

These three pages listing the Gregorian calendar with its mathematical smoothing against the Jubilee calendar that retains the difference in the number of days in the year. The average number of days difference is negative 4. The widest spread in any year is 30 days. If you will remember Bruce Springsteen’s song about the ore-carrier ship, Edmund Fitzgerald’s sinking, one of the lines was “…when the winds of November came early…” That was according to the Gregorian calendar. The Jubilee calendar told that it was far too long in the season to be out on the Great Lakes. Remember the Apostle Paul and his ship-wreck with his Roman guards? Paul was a seasoned ship’s captain, and tried to convince his guards to hold off on that ship passage until the next Spring, but they were going by a different calendar, and the soldiers had no clue about sailing weather with its winter storms. The Jubilee calendar is an accurate predictor of the weather for both travel and agriculture. We will see major crop losses in the next 20 years because the calendar will be off by about two weeks from reality.

If you are still here and want to jump into the deep end, the list of priestly groups that came on duty on the first day of Spring each year can be found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, but don’t worry. They don’t do that any more, because there is no temple in Jerusalem for them to come to. It’s just one of those antique facts that might be asked on a TV trivia show. Besides, it’s only 417 years long because nobody can agree on what year the temple in Jerusalem was dedicated and the courses started. They only agreed on the date it ended, because the temple was burned to the ground on that date. And it is not common knowledge when all 24 courses served simultaneously. Besides, no one wants to go through the entire 6,301 rows in that entire file anyway, so we will skip that for now.

There’s just one more little detail before we go get a dish of ice cream to soothe our aching head from such a deep dive into details.

The calendar that the Jews use is 240 years off the mark because somebody cut years out of the count on three occasions, then added two years back to it. That means that the AD (Christian year count in common use today) year of 2000 is the same as the AM (the count that the Jews are keeping) year of 6000. That translates to 120 Jubilee cycles, for anyone who wants to play around with the part that says, “…yet his days shall be 120 cycles…”, and that refers to “…until Shiloh comes…” the meaning on which “Shiloh” hangs is the catch phrase. This can be translated three different ways.

The straight-forward translation can be either “freedom” or “liberty”. The first convolution is that Shiloh is the name of the location of the Tent of Meeting which housed the Ark of the Covenant for several hundred years after Joshua crossed the Jordan River.  The last and most intriguing is that the remnant, and only a remnant, not the entire 10 tribes, will return to the Middle East and the full 12 tribes will be reunited once again under a king and a high priest who presides over the construction of the third temple and the daily business of the temple sacrifices. This king is clearly named “King Joseph” in several places, and is identified as being from the tribe of Joseph, not Judah.

Jacob’s blessing – last will and description of the inheritance to each tribe – put Judah in change of the internal affairs of the nation and the responsibility for the books and other writings handed down from the time of the flood, but he placed Joseph’s sons over all foreign affairs, which will include the rebuilding of the sea-port of Tyre. These three have a long and troubled history of getting along together or agreeing with what should be done when, all based on jealousy.

Things are going to get interesting when the remnant of the 10 northern tribes returns. It’s called “the time of Jacob’s (read Ephraim’s and Manasseh’s) troubles” in prophecy, because Jacob adopted them with the phrase, “Let my name [Jacob: Israel is a title, not a name] be named on them (the boys)”. Joseph couldn’t inherit directly because he remained a slave to Pharaoh all his life, but both his sons were born free men because their mother was a free woman, and not an Egyptian but a ward of Potipher, the prince and priest of Heliopolis. Asenath was the daughter of Dinah as a result of her kidnap and abuse that resulted in the slaughter of every man in her father’s walled city by Dinah’s brothers and their army of servants. The key to this being true is the gold necklace identifying her family that Jacob put around Asenath’s neck when she was born, and before he sent her into Egypt to be brought up there by the highest ranking priest (Potiphor, the same one that bought Joseph)  to preserve Dinah’s reputation among the tribes among whom they dwelt. It was when she showed that necklace to Joseph that he agreed to marry her in the tradition of a man marrying his first or second cousin in those days, and up until the 1940’s of our current times. 

Earth changes have not ceased. We just crossed from below the equator of our galaxy to the upper portion, where asteroids, horrendous storms, and other nasties are waiting for earth. Times are going to get very interesting in the next 50 years or so, as the brown dwarf that has been identified coming our way from outer space further warps the brain waves and central nervous systems of our bodies negatively and throws the earth out of balance in her orbit causing her to cry out with pain in the form of earthquakes, tornadoes, and volcanoes. We are already seeing the beginning of them.